March 10, 2012

We had a wonderful week- So busy with playdates and appointments and parties and school…

On Thursday we invited a few friends over to play and have lunch.  They ALL came.  Seventeen of us.  So we ordered pizza, and I made a huge spinach salad, and cut up two big cantaloupes.   Viera and Andrea both showed with boxes of munchkins, and Erin came with juice boxes and veggie sticks.  The kids played and played and played- bikes, chalk, hula hoops, car driving, and general silliness!

And while most left at a reasonable time (after about 2 hours or so), Andrea and Viera stayed until 4:30pm.  Whew!  We ended the day by plopping all of the kids onto the couch to watch Team UmiZoomi and eat GoGurts while the moms sat at the table and drank coffee while feeding the babies.  It was so nice to get to visit with them!

And let me tell you, my kids were SPAZES for the rest of the evening (though Charlie did go back out to play on the trampoline with Jude and Micah).  And then they woke up at DAWN on Friday.  Ugh.

Today is Saturday, and it’s gorgeous, though cold.  Lots of clean-up and projects to get done around here.  The boys and girl and I spent the morning (5:30am-7:30am) cleaning the basement.  It was a MESS, and I refuse to add it to my list of places to clean every day.  It is THEIR space, and if they like it messy, then fine!  But it had gotten to a point where they didn’t like to go down and play because it was such a sty, so I helped them get it all back in order.  And I took note of what we need to get the rest of the crappola in place!  So that’s another project for the weekend…  book shelves, cubbies for Maggie, stuffed animal holder (hammock?).

I have also planted lots of seeds in starter pots.  We are going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes (San Marzano!) and bell peppers– both organic– this year.  I am also planting carrots, lettuce, and zucchini.  And my standard herbs (basil, oregano, cilantro).  I also have some green onions to plant, and some green beans too!  Whew, we are going to be eating well this summer!  I want to put in a vegetable bed over by our shed (near the driveway), and I’m going to try something called gutter gardens, which are exactly that- gutters hung on the side of the shed and filled with dirt.  They are good for shallow-root plants like lettuce, and they will keep the lettuce out of the way of the bunnies in our yard.

So while today is COLD, tomorrow is supposed to be GORGEOUS!  I can’t wait to get outside and dig in my gardens.  The tulips are all coming up, and some of my mini-zinnias are popping up already.  It’s going to be a great Spring!




One Response to “Week/Weekend”

  1. Sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy….which is a good thing! Can’t wait to see what you reap from all this great gardening….I am getting mine in shape too….so fun!

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