To those who care….

January 21, 2012

I have taken January off.  I will be back in full force in February.


2 Responses to “To those who care….”

  1. Dottie said

    dont beat yurself up….just jump in where you are! its not critical to have every single event included in your blog. Just add entries as you feel the desire to share things:) I’d love to hear all about the feeding progress in your house, if that helps!!

  2. I second that motion….although I love, love, love reading your posts ( and so do my girls!) when life gets hectic put blogging on the back burner. I do…but I sure do like it when someone says…”Hey, I miss your blog”, (thanks to both of you for doing that at some point) and it gets me going again. And once I get back in the swing of things, I remember why I like to blog!!!!! Anyway, I am GLAD you are BACK and I CARE, but I didn’t want to NAG you cause lord knows, you have enouugh to accomplish and blogging is just “one more thing!”….Miss my boys and girl…give everyone a kiss for me…especially my little rascal ~ Jack! Your God Child is on cloud nine today…she pledged KD and loves it! Very happy, as am I!!!!!

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