bedtime- just to remember these days…

September 3, 2011

Maggie was fussy at 6pm (5pm, really) tonight, so we went upstairs for her bath and bedtime a bit early.  She was OUT by 6:30pm.

And then came the boys.

Tim bathed them, and then took Jack to get him dressed in his pajamas while Charlie went to dress himself.  Tim put Jack down to bed, and Charlie came in to see me.  It’s our special time.  I love it.

Tonight he brought a baby toy that he found in his room- just for Maggie.  He was excited to give it to her to play with, and didn’t seem to care that she was asleep!   He told me that she really (wheely) loved that fish toy, and that he really (wheely) loved her.  What a sweet kid.  We chatted a bit about school (he got his letter today from his teacher- Mrs. Pennington! more on that later), and about playing at the playground today, and then we turned on the end of Caillou, the show du jour.  I left him with Maggie, and ran downstairs for a minute to talk to Tim.

And that’s when we heard it:


Jack was jumping in his bed.  And when we got closer, we realized that he was not only jumping, but was singing too…

“Your back yard friends, the Backyardigans! Together in the back yard again!”  (but in Jack-talk, which I cannot write).

It was AMAZING.  I freakin’ love that kid.  He is hysterical!  Go to bed, Jack!!!  The child barely napped today, and played HARD… and yet he’s jumping in his crib like it’s a trampoline (is the thinner body due to growth, food issues, or all the dang jumping?!), singing with a fervor usually reserved for Baptist choirs.  Hysterical.

So Tim went in to help the kiddo settle down, and I brought Charlie to his room for bedtime.  We fixed his sheets and blankets just right, and said our prayers:

“Dear God, Please bless Mommy and Daddy, Charlie and Jack, and our new baby Maggie.  Bless our grandparents, our Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, our Godparents and teachers, our neighbors and friends.  And keep everyone healthy, happy, and safe.  Amen”

But tonight I added a special prayer for Joe Rault, who is in the hospital.  Charlie immediately asked who the Walt was, and why we were praying for him.  I told him that he was GranE and Charlie’s good friend, and that he was sick.  His response?

“Okay.  Dear God, please bless the Walt and make him feel better so that he and Charlie can go fishing and swim in the pool.  Amen.”

Sounds like a great prayer to me.

So now the gang is downs.  The BUMPS from Jack’s room are gone, the singing has died down.  Charlie is snoozing, and Maggie is out like a light.


I just love bedtime.  It brings out the best in my kids.  By rendering them unconscious.  😉


One Response to “bedtime- just to remember these days…”

  1. Those bedtime prayers – so cute – ….I didn’t know about Joe Rault so I will join in the prayers for him.

    Glad you are home and back in your routine and that Jack has enough energy to go bump in the night! My little Jumping Jack!!!

    Sweet dreams!

    Aunt Layne

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