July 18, 2011

It’s time for another installment of MAKE IT BY MONDAY, hosted by Jill on Made it on Monday.  (Wow, check me out, doing links and buttons… I’m like a real blogger!    Anyway, the theme this week is Revamping Shoes.  Hmm.


Well, let’s see… I used to wear lots of cute shoes, but then I had the boys… and it became flip flops and sneakers, with the occasional heel thrown in.  Since Maggie?  I’m pretty much barefoot all the time!  So as far as redoing a shoe… it’s not going to be mine (unless we’re talking a pedicure!).

So I thought for a second, and decided that while this might not come under the theme, I’d give it a go:


THIS:  IMG_3102





THIS: IMG_3106!!!!


Yes, I use Magic Erasers on my boys’ sneakers!  Since they live in either sneakers or crocs, we have to keep things look fresh (can’t go to church in sloppy shoes… probably shouldn’t be going in sneakers to start with, but I pick my battles wisely!).


Also, I thought I’d show off my other shoe idea- we hung hooks in our side entrance for the boys to hook their crocs on when they come inside.  It not only keeps me from tripping down the stairs, but helps the shoes dry out when they are all wet from playing in the rain/sprinkler/whatever dirty puddle they can find!  I’m digging the organization, and the bright shoes look pretty fun on the wall, too.  (Please note that one orange croc is missing.  Have you seen it?!)


Okay, that’s all I have on shoes.  I’m off to redux MY shoes… I liked that pedicure idea!  Wishing you all a pedicure today!



4 Responses to “”

  1. Jill said

    Wow!!! I LOVE you you interpreted the theme, and what a great idea to use Magic Erasers on shoes! Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge again this week!

  2. That is a good idea Julie! Do you think those Magic Erasers work on real feet – if you saw my feet you would know that I need a little more then soap – hmmmm maybe some Clorox? I do hear that Magic Erasers are pretty wonderful and they did a great job on that shoe….i may have to try it for the old pedicure!

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