GRRR… and other stuff too.

July 11, 2011

So I went to facebook to upload a new picture of Maggie, and watched all of my pictures slowly disappear from iphoto!!!  I had uploaded 512 pictures from my camera in the morning, and had emailed a bunch out, but they are now gone.  Gone.  As in, I go to the “Recent Upload” (or whatever it’s called) page, and it is empty.  A blank page.  Like it has simply been erased, and left blank to taunt me.  Grrr.

No pictures today.  Yeah, right.  Because this cute baby…

is sitting in my lap, gurgling and cooing and smiling at me.  Lord, I love her so much!

What else?  Oh, we finally gave Jack one of his birthday presents from us– A VTech Little Einstein’s Computer.  so cute.  He was THRILLED!!!  His joy in life, these days, is divided between Little Einsteins and banging on my laptop, so it was  big hit.  I’ll put those pictures up… one day.

Took the boys to TJMaxx with me this morning, to return the comforter that I had bought for staging our third floor, which now has a king sized bed.  I bought two options, and had to return the loser.  We found Charlie’s “back-to-school” shirt- a periwinkle blue polo, and one for Tim too!  I found a cute blue maxi dress, but it turned out to be more of a maternity dress shape… Guess that’s what I’m used to buying!  lol!  So that will go back.  Also bought some pajama gowns for Maggie- Carters, and one has sweet pink roses on it.  The other in the set?  Leopard print.  Oh yeah.  I just hope she doesn’t start to talk with a yatty accent!!  Haha!

We had a picnic on the back porch (we still have the tent up from Jack’s party), and it was so pleasant!  Party leftovers (burger for Tim, salad for me (I forgot to dress it at the party, so it’s still fresh!), hot dog for Charlie).  Jack and Maggie snoozed, and we had cool drinks from the cooler!  So nice to sit outside at lunch time in the summer- the breeze was gorgeous in the shade!  I’m loving summer.  This week, anyway.

I sent a phone-picture of Maggie in the dress that I smocked for her to Layne yesterday.  Maggie cried as much as Jack did in his sunsuit.  She was hungry, but I took it personally, as the dress just wouldn’t lay right.  The neck seems small, the dress huge… I’m so disappointed.  But my smocking was cute!  Maybe a doll will wear it one day.  Or someone with a hugely fat newborn…lol.

No fun activities today.  I’m sort of burned out from the party.  Which I will detail soon.

Okay, off to fight the masses over naps… wish me luck.


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