July 11, 2011



Make it by Monday


So there is this wonderful blog that I follow, called Made it on Monday, and she is having a pretend contest with weekly themes.  So fun!  So I’m playing, as I love to have a project (outside of the daily mommy grind).  This week’s challenge is “outdoor games and activities for kids”  which is my forte, having 2 active, noisy little boys and a newborn.  Got to get them outside and wear them out!  So here are my possible entries:


1) Making Stepping Stones:

My husband was repointing a few spots on our stone foundation (we are selling our house, so we’re “prettying it up”), and with all the cement around… well, the boys were DYING to get into it.  So we did!  I pulled out an old pie pan, and a plastic thing with a mysterious origin, and found some old tiles/beads/mosaic bits… and we went to town!

We missed the cement to the  consistency of peanut butter using all of my kitchen measuring cups (can’t wait for new ones for Christmas!) which was good for the boys- they learned about measuring and pouring and stirring, all while wearing super-cool masks!    Then we poured it on into the molds, and got out our decorations.  Lots of blue here.  And, of course, a handprint!

Then we learned about patience.  Waiting and waiting and waiting… and sometimes getting to use the spray bottle of water to spray it to keep it from drying too fast (which we didn’t do enough, as the darn thing cracked anyway!).

But we are very proud of our stone (just one- the other was spilled…), and they boys can’t wait to do it again!


2) Painting the Porch:

How to kill an hour?  2 paint rollers, one hospital bucket (just had a baby), lots of water and sunshine!  The boys spent the morning painting my porch, then each other!  It was fun for all of us, and they were very dirty but happy when it was all done!

3) Obstacle Course Races:

I just used what we had around the yard- a slide, a broom to jump over, chairs to run between, tables to hurdle, etc.  I also set up our sprinkler mat to run through.  And I “timed” them by counting.  And when that got old, we did the course as dogs, frogs, birds, jets, snakes, rabbits, horses…  And then everyone napped for HOURS!  Even me!


So that’s how we spent our week.  In between bike rides, playgrounds, moonbounces, walks, runs, naps, meals, laughs and tears!

Can’t wait to see what the other moms out there are doing to kill an hour with the kiddos!!






2 Responses to “”

  1. Kelli said

    Great ideas! I bet my 2 would like to paint the porch too. Hmm…wonder if I could get them to wipe down the rocking chairs for me while they’re out there…

  2. Jill said

    Oh I love these ideas! And I really like how you gave your kids rollers instead of just brushes–makes it so much more fun! I’m also so glad you joined in on Make it by Monday!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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